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The child pictured above on the left is a victim of abortion.  This child was murdered at Presidential Women's Center in West Palm Beach, FL May of 2017.  He was 20 weeks old.  While his mother immediately and profoundly regretted her decision; it matters not.  Why? There is no going back.  Her son cannot be resuscitated or replicated.   

Abortion:  A Brutal Act of Violence that Physically Destroys a Tiny Human Being; A Person.


The photo below is not that of a clump of cells, a parasite, a sub-human nor a pregnant woman's body.  As with every injustice, insidious propaganda must be applied to the victim in order to ease the conscience of those involved in his/her murder.

this photo contains sensitive content discretion advised

This is what you have always known about the unborn child:

You know this and yet........